Q-COG Voluntary organisation

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About Us

We help companies to maximise employee wellbeing whilst meeting external goals of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We provide coaching, mentoring, training, teaching services and business consultancy to support sustainable personal transformation. We will help your company to deliver on corporate social responsibility goals in the Third Sector.

The company brings over ten years of combined experience in therapeutic intervention, social work and the third sector.

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Our Work


Longevity, Integrity, Service, Authenticity


1. Enabling people to meet their challenges through personal transformation

2. Helping organisations to transform through people


1. Enhance lives of people by providing training, coaching and mentoring through providing services

2. Create emotional resilience in individuals, families, personal networks, organisations and communities

Join Us

The Q-COG community is a unique blend of people who can help each other. We are looking for social workers, community workers, foster carers, Certified NLP Prac/Masters who are looking to utilise their skills and people who want to gain experience in social work by helping others in the community, access the right services.