A clients QCOG journey..from Surviving to Thriving

Clive *1  was a 24 year old, homeless, young man placed in a hostel as a result of his anger and violent behaviour. His relationships were broken with his ex-partner, siblings, parents, child the community and in his placement. Clive was being threatened with eviction because of his diffulties regulating his emotional outburst.


QCOG Solutions worked with Clive to help him to develop alternative ways to manage his anger and relationships.


Clive felt unable to change and take control of his life however after working with QCOG Solutions over 9 months he secured employment, housing and regained access to his son. He was able to manage in extreme adversity and foster good relations around him.  

He said.."I am now able to control situations and my actions towards others and more able to see things on a wider spectrum" .


*1 names have been changed to protect confidentiality